Technology Innovation

Side-stream industrial test has been implemented for S-MTP process technology.

S-MTP technology which developed by SRIPT has implemented the side-stream industrial test in Yangzi Petrochemical Company with capacity of 5000tons/year. S-MTP exhibits superior features in feasible distribution of reactor temperature rise, stable reaction temperature, catalyst activity and catalyst stability. The plant has been operated by 100% load capacity and been in operation for 1000hours.

The start-up of large scale AN plant has been successful.

SRIPT’s proprietary AN process technology has been commercially applied in Anqing Petrochemical Plant with capacity of 130KMTA. The start-up of the plant was carried out on Jan.31, 2013. The plant was in stable operation with advanced performance.

Industrial test of new generation energy-saving process technology for styrene has been completed.

New generation energy-saving process technology for styrene which developed by SRIPT and its partners, has been commercially applied in Baling Petrochemical Plant with capacity of 120KMTA. The plant was stably operated for one year, and the comprehensive energy consumption has been decreased by more than 15%. The energy-saving effect is obvious from using azeotropy heat recovery technology. The heat from the top of the styrene column is recycled, which lessens the steam consumption and recycled-water consumption and at the same time effectively control the polymerization loss of styrene.

The novel Titanium-based polyester catalyst has been successfully applied.

The novel titanium-based polyester catalyst which was developed by SRIPT has been successfully applied in the plants of Shanghai Petrochemical Company and Yizheng Chemical Fiber Company, which has satisfied the industrial production requirements on bright fiber, semi-dull fiber, film-grade PET and polyester staple fiber. The catalyst doesn’t contain heavy-metal components, and has exhibited extraordinary photo-stability and storage-stability. The process of polymerization is stable, and is with low temperature on esterification. The chip products are environmental-friendly.

Intellectual property protection

Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology has been committed to the development and protection of independent intellectual property rights. SRIPT pays great attention to IP protection, and consider IP protection through the whole process of R&D. By building the IP protection system and forming the protection network for core R&D projects, SRIPT has successfully transformed its R&D achievements. The number of applied and granted China domestic patents has continuously increased in recent years. By November 2013, SRIPT had applied for 3470 China patents and been granted 1463. In the year of 2013,

SRIPT had also applied for 318 foreign patents and been granted 112 foreign patents. The IP protection field has been expanded to more than 20 foreign countries, such as USA, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Singapore, India, Australia and Brazil.

In 2012, SRIPT won the award of the 14th China Gold Patent for its invention on vapor-phase alkylation of benzene to ethylbenzene. By 2013, SRIPT had totally won four prizes for China Gold Patent and eight prizes for Excellent China Patent.