Shanghai Research Institute of Petrochemical Technology which was established in 1960 is a subsidiary of Sinopec Corporation. Since established, through continual adjustment and optimization of research areas, SRIPT has gradually formed R&D special features and advantages of technology in fundamental organic raw materials (olefins, aromatics and bulk derivatives), coal chemicals, synthetic materials, oilfield chemicals and fine chemicals.

SRIPT has 2 bases of scientific innovation and engineering research in Pudong District and Shanghai chemical industry zone respectively. Five branches of SRIPT, located in Nanjing, Yizheng, Tianjin, Yueyang and Chongqing, are set up. Established at SRIPT are Sinopec Key Laboratory of Methanol to Olefins/Aromatics, Key Laboratory of Oil Recovery Surfactant and Key Laboratory of Aromatics Technology. SRIPT is the support organization of National Engineering Research Center for Basic Organic Raw Materials and National Petrochemical Standardization Committee. Tech-support institutions such as Postdoctoral Workstation, Sinopec Information Center for Organic raw materials, Shanghai Petrochemicals Quality Supervision & Inspection Center and Shanghai Catalyst Industry Testing Center are established in SRIPT.

SRIPT aims at promoting progress of petrochemical technologies and serving the development of Sinopec, and has developed a series of advanced technologies with self-dependent innovation and pursue of excellence. SRIPT has undertaken various key technology development tasks including “10 loongs Projects” of Sinopec. SRIPT has developed various packaged technologies and catalysts of proprietary intellectual properties and successfully applied in domestic and international petrochemical enterprises, such as toluene disproportionation, styrene from ethylbenzene dehydrogenation, acrylonitrile, purified terephthalic acid, isopropylbenzene, pyrolysis gasoline hydrogenation, vinyl acetate, MTO, syngas to ethylene glycol and catalytic deolefination of reformate oil, maintaining a leading role internationally. In recent years, consolidating the advanced technologies, SRIPT developed more than 100 packaged technologies centered on catalysts such as 260KTA acrylonitrile, 3300KTA toluene disproportionation, 500KTA styrene from ethyl benzene, 300KTA ethylbenzene from dry gas, 1800KTA olefins from methanol, 1800KTA propylene from methanol, 200KTA ethylene glycol from syngas, 550KTA isopropyl benzene, 200KTA propylene from catalytic cracking of olefins, 300KTA propylene from metathesis of butene, 200KTA xylene through methylation of toluene and methanol, 100KTA Propylene Oxide by CHP method, 100KTA butadiene from butene oxidization and dehydrogenation(ODH), 200KTA isobutene from dehydrogenation of isobutane, 10KTA ethanol amine from ammoniation of ethylene oxide and 30KTA dehydration of ethanol to ethylene.

SRIPT has conscientiously implemented the international development strategy of SINOPEC and actively exploited the overseas market. Packaged technology of toluene disproportionation and catalysts, styrene catalysts, oxidative dehydrogenation catalysts and polymetallic polyether catalysts successfully applied in overseas market such as Indonesia, Middle East, Belarus, USA, and CIS. Green & low-carbon and non-oil routes chemical technologies also attracted the attention of overseas enterprises.

By the end of 2014, 4079 Chinese patents have been applied for and 1895 authorized; 349 foreign patents have been applied for and 132 authorized. 276 Ministerial and Provincial level or above awards have been obtained cumulatively, which include one First Class National Progress award in Science and Technology, four Second Class National Invention Awards, five China Patent Golden Awards, one Elite Science and Technology award, one HLHL award, one Nie Rongzhen Invention Award, one Sinopec Science and Technology Innovation Merit Award, two special Sinopec Progress awards in Science and Technology, twenty nine first class Sinopec Progress awards in Science and Technology, two Sinopec technology invention awards. Since 1998, SRIPT has been recognized Shanghai model unit every year.

SRIPT has adopted the human resource policy of “career developed, talents oriented”, shaped an outstanding talent team represented by academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and experts. By the end of 2014, the Number of total employees of SRIPT stands at 896, which includes 688 formal employees, 199 outsourced employees, and 9 other staff (8 post doctors and 1 employee rehired after retirement). Among all the employees, there are 139 doctors and 165 others who have got masters degrees. 41 Professor-level senior engineers, 215 senior engineers and 263 engineers are already members of our staff. Currently there is 1 academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 31 obtainers of special government allowances of the State Council, 2 experts of State outstanding contributions, 9 senior experts of Sinopec, 30 experts of Sinopec outstanding contributions, 27 obtainers of Sinopec Min Enze young science and technology talents awards,3 participants of State "10,100,1000 & 10000" Project, 1 participant of National Young Science and technology innovation leading talents and 1expert of Recruitment Program of Global Experts.

SRIPT has undertaken various national projects such as National key Basic Research Project (973) " Basic studies on the synthesis of porous catalytic materials with novel structure and excellent performance", the 863 High Technology Research and Development Program (the 863 Program) for the "green manufacturing process and equipment development", and National Natural Science Foundation of China Project”. SRIPT has collaborated with renowned colleges and research institutes, worked together with local government, and participated in the construction of workers’ science innovation center of Pudong, making contributions to the local economy and social progress. SRIPT has also participated in international standardization organizations such as ASTM, manifesting a nice corporate image. We have carried out international collaborations extensively, helped to build Sinopec synthetic fibers center, and also helped with oil chemicals research and utilization of renewable resources. Collaborating research with British and American colleges and research institutes has enhanced the innovation of SRIPT.

SRIPT has rolled out and implemented science progress schemes to provide a better atmosphere for scientific innovation. Construction of centralized evaluation test lab and high-throughput zeolite synthesis lab are now completed. Experimental system and conditions of scientific innovation center of Pudong are now improved. With the construction of engineering center in Shanghai chemical industry zone, methods of engineering research are enhanced and the ability of engineering transformation is strengthened. SRIPT is propelling to build its tech-platforms for catalytic technology, chemical process and engineering, analysis and characterization, simulation calculation, and instrument. It is determined to promote subject development through projects and broaden research areas.

Enterprise spirit is “Hardworking, Rigorous, Cooperative and Innovative”. SRIPT has implemented QHSE (Quality, Health, Security and Environment) management system and established “People orientation, innovation, support petrochemical, harmonious development” management policy to provide a environment and a system guarantee for innovation

Look ahead, there coexist opportunities and challenges. Under the management of Sinopec Group, guided by the spirit of 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, SRIPT will recognize the new normality of economic development and adapt to the new normality. SRIPT will be more vigorous, united and cooperative, and will endeavor, exploit and innovate to build SRIPT into a worldwide first class research institute. SRIPT will make full use of the leading and supporting role of science innovation to promote the transformation development and make contributions to build Sinopec into an worldwide first-class energy chemical corporation.